The last three tabs within the Contract Management module are important for managing a contract, using KPI surveys. With KPI surveys you can measure how well the supplier meets the terms of the agreement.

Create a KPI survey

  1. Navigate to the KPI Surveys tab within a contract.
  2. To add a survey click the Add survey button. You are also able to import a survey from excel or a previous contract via the Import button.
  3. Fill out a survey name and indicate whether the survey should be weighted. Click Save.
  4. Now that the survey has been created, click Add group within that survey.
  5. Fill out a question group name and click Save.
  6. Within this question group, you can create individual questions by clicking Add and filling out the information. Click Save.

You may assign question weights to indicate how important certain KPI components are and how important these components weigh in the supplier's assessment. You do not have to assign weights to a questions, like for a requirementFor this question you can set the weight to 0 and indicate that it is a KO if the supplier does not meet the expectations.

Evaluation Method

The next step is choosing an evaluation method. See the table below, for a brief explanation of each evaluation method.

Evaluation MethodDescription
ValueWith the value method there is a min and max number of points. For example, you can enter a min of 0 and a max of 10, so that you can enter a score of 0 to 10 as an assessment.
Yes/NoEvaluating on the basis of the 'Yes / No' method means that they can indicate that they like something with 'Yes' and don't like something with 'No'. If the question is asked in the negative, you can also indicate 'No is better'. Example: Supplier was not in default during the contract period. In this case no is better.
Multiple choiceWith the multiple choice you can add options with a certain value. Consider, for example, options from excellent to poor: 
Excellent - 10 
Good - 8 
Satisfactory 6 
Poor - 4 
Unsatisfactory - 0

Once the questions have been set, you must assign questions to evaluators. You can do this under the KPI Surveys tab under the Manage evaluators button. Now you are able to standardize evaluations for each checkpoint.

Click here for information on KPI evaluations or KPI results.