KPI evaluations allow you to assess the supplier's performance to see how well they meet the terms of the contract.

KPI evaluations

  1. Navigate to the KPI Evaluations tab within your contract.
  2. Click the Add new checkpoint button.
  3. Fill out a checkpoint name and deadline. Checkpoint frequency is completely customizable. So, you can easily create checkpoints that are monthly, quarterly, or annual
  4. Click Save.
  5. Navigate to the Manage evaluators button.
  6. Select the question(s) you want to assign to an evaluator. Click Add.
  7. Select a colleague from the drop down menu. Click Save.

Unlocked/Locked checkpoints

With an unlocked checkpoint, it is possible for the participants to evaluate the KPIs. The manager of the KPI questionnaires can indicate per checkpoint whether they should be locked or unlocked. To be able to evaluate, the colleague must be a participant in the contract and be added to the questions that he / she must evaluate. You can set this by navigating to the KPI Surveys tab and clicking the Manage evaluators button.

As an evaluator, you must click on the checkpoint so that you are directed to the questions to answer. When filling out the survey, you can see how far you are via the progress bar. When you enter an answer, you have the option of adding a comment via the Comment button on the right-hand side of the question.