You can view more information about a supplier's offer in the Mini-bid, for example, if there were any deviations by viewing the Questionnaire they filled out. 

  1. To do this you will click on the Supplier’s name in the tab Compare & Select. It will bring you to another screen which will have the questionnaire that the Supplier filled out. It will also show you what Pricing Sheets they have filled out. 
  2. This page will allow you to view their responses to the Questionnaire, that way you know if there are any deviations or comments that the Supplier has made about their bid. 

        3. To view this, click on the hyperlink to their Questionnaire that they have answered

        4. A new screen will appear, and it will show you what groups of questions they have answered based on the type of request you made (Built to Specification, Pre-Existing Inventory, or Both- which will consist of both Questionnaires).

        5. Click on the hyperlink for the Questionnaire you would like to review. The questions will appear with their answers.

Please Note: Not everything may be filled out. It all depends on the type of offer that was submitted. 

Ex. The below screenshots show that there are a bunch of items not filled out. On the Screenshot 1the Dealer (Supplier) did not place an offer on a Pre-Existing vehicle and therefore did not fill out anything to do with Pre-Existing  vehicles.

On Screenshot 2 shows a Dealer (Supplier) who happened to put in an offer for both Pre-Existing and Built to Specifications. The Pre-Existing looks like it is not fully filled out. However, this isn’t the case. They filled out the information for 1 vehicle.

Also, the Questionnaire shown will change based on what the request is for.

When you are done, click on the Compare & Select tab to return to the overview of all offers.