There is a new update for Negometrix4. The following new features and improvements are immediately available:
  • A new method of logging in for Suppliers
  • Evaluation criterion in questionnaires
  • Moving questions between question groups and questionnaires
  • Visibility of KOs and comments in Dynamic Purchasing Systems
  • Organization logo in award letters

A New Method of Logging in for Suppliers

In short: Suppliers select the client for which they want to log in.
The client is the purchasing organization or contracting authority of the solicitation.

If you as a user are a colleague within several organizations, you first choose your organization.

New: Evaluation Criterion in Questionnaires

A new question type is available in the questionnaires: the evaluation criterion. This question type can be used to communicate and evaluate a requirement that can not be submitted through the platform. An example of this would be a software demonstration or an interview.
By including this in the questionnaire, the evaluation team can assess the scores of that demonstration or presentation within Negometrix4.

In this way, all evaluation come together and a total score is created for each bid received.

New: Move Questions Between Question Groups and Questionnaires

Moving questions within a question group was already possible (rearranging). Now it is also possible to move one or more questions simultaneously between question groups and questionnaires.

Knockouts and Comments in Dynamic Purchasing System Visible to Suppliers

In a Dynamic Purchasing System it is now visible to suppliers which criteria resulted in a Knockout (KO) and why).

This allows a supplier to better see why their submission has been rejected.
After a rejection, suppliers can see the part of the submission that resulted in a KO. They can also click in to see evaluation comments.

Organization Logo in Award Letters

The logo of the purchasing organization is now included in an award letter. The logo is shown in the award letter in both the software and the PDF export.