There is a new update for Negometrix4, with two important new features immediately available:

  • Question & Answer now has an import feature for both suppliers and buyers
  • Value awarding is now available as an award method - including bonuses and penalties

Importing questions into Q&A for Suppliers

Within Question & Answer there is now an import function available. Create an Excel file with your questions and import them into Negometrix. 

Download the import file

Fill in the import file with your questions and go to Import questions.
Import your questions and choose the right reference: what is your question about?

This way, the purchasing agency can immediately place your question in the right context.

Your questions are imported into Draft. Double check and then submit them.

Importing answers into Questions & Answers for buyers

Previously, we introduced functionality for exporting all questions asked in Question & Answer. Using the same format, it is now possible to answer the questions asked and then import them again.

The import function is available in New and Draft in Question & Answer.

First export the questions to an Excel file.
In the Excel export, the column with the Question and the Answer can be edited.

After filling in the Excel file you can import your answers.

The answers are then ready in Draft. Check everything one last time and publish your answers.

Award by Value - Including Bonus and Penalty

The Award by Value method is now available in Negometrix4. Not only are positive values possible (bonus). A penalty is also available.

With Award by Value, an amount is allocated to the score when answering the questionaire. The final amount will be deducted from the price: creating an adjusted price. The bid with the lowest adjusted price is the winner.

During the preparation of the solicitation, the weight of each specific "wishlist" item is determined in the form of an amount of money.

Do you want to use negative amounts (penalties)? Then make sure you create a rating scale with a negative value in it. Your organization administrator can help you with this.


Other Changes

Some new fields are available in the personal profile: telephone number, time zone, and salutation.