There is a new update to Negometrix4! This new functionality is immediately available.

A brief overview of the update:

  • Preparing Award Letters: By preparing an award letter, the buyer can share information about the award with the supplier at the individual level. The organization administrator can also create templates for the entire organization.
  • Public Award Statement: This statement is shared with everyone through NegometrixToday. Everyone will see the same information. With templates you can easily create the statement within a few clicks.
  • Q&A Improvements: There are new export options, the number of questions per tab is now immediately visible, buyers can change references, and questions can also now be asked about text items.
  • Timezone Adjustments: On NegometrixToday and the Public organization profile, the date and time will always be in the timezone of the purchasing organization. Once a user logs in, the user's time zone (set in their profile) applies. In addition, 12-hour notation is standard for US users.

Preparing Award Letters

The organization administrator can prepare templates and choose placeholders. 
After the buyer has drawn up the result of the solicitation, information can be shared with the suppliers on an individual basis. The buyer determines what is stated in the letter per supplier about the result.
With templates you can draw up award letters and ensure that you can quickly and easily share the results with the suppliers for each solicitation. This allows you to create different templates for the awarded, the rejected, and the disqualified providers.

Public Award Statement

In addition to the (internal) award notice noted in our early April update, you can now also draw up a public award statement. Publish the document as an announcement on NegometrixToday so that it is visible to everyone.

For example, within the Award tab, there is now the Award Notice, Letters and the Announcement with the Public Award Statement.

Question & Answer Improvements for Buyers

A number of improvements have been made in Q&A. For example, a counter is now visible per tab so that the user can see how many items can be found in each.
Reference can now be adjusted by buyers if the question is linked incorrectly. 
Buyers can now export questions to process them in Excel. 

Q&A Improvements for Suppliers

Providers now default to the Draft tab. This way, the user can immediately see whether questions have to yet be sent.
Suppliers can now also ask questions about text items in the questionnaire.    

Timezone Changes

On public pages such as NegometrixToday and the Public organization profile, dates and times will always be shown in the timezone of the purchasing organization.

Once the user then logs in to the software, all dates and times in solicitations will be in the user's time zone (as set in their profile).

For users in the United States, times are shown in 12-hour (AM / PM) format instead of 24-hour format.