A new update is ready for Negometrix 4. The update took place on April 3rd, 2020.

The theme of this update is the simple preparation of documents and award notices. Using data available data in the solicitation, a document can be drawn up quickly with various placeholders. Examples include the official opening announcement, evaluation results, or award notice.

An overview of this process:

  • Create templates: At the organizational level, standard documents can be drawn up as templates. There are various types of templates for assessment and award.
  • Complete the document in a solicitation: Choose a template and the data from the solicitation is automatically loaded. Make any edits and complete the document.
  • Save as PDF and share the document: The document can then be saved as a PDF in a solicitation. Share it on NegometrixToday or send it via a message as an attachment.

Finally, the workflow for suppliers has improved if they want to register for a solicitation via NegometrixToday.

Create templates for standard documents

The organization administrator can prepare templates and choose placeholders. Go to Templates and choose Evaluation and Awarding. Create the template there.

Complete the document in your solicitation

Select the desired template in the solicitation. The placeholders in the document are automatically filled with the data from the solicitation.

You can still edit and supplement the document. If the document is an award notice, you can automatically load data from the awarded supplier.

Share the document

Depending on the chosen document type, you can share the document externally or internally. Within Evaluation, for example, you can make an official report of the opening or evaluation result. You can share this as a PDF, on NegometrixToday or via a message as an attachment. You can only share an award notice with colleagues who have access to the solicitation.

Other Changes

The workflow for suppliers has been improved when registering for a published solicitation on NegometrixToday.

  • Are you already a participant? Then you will be directly sent the solicitation.
  • Is a colleague already a participant but not you? Then you can send a request to this colleague and be easily added to the solicitation.