A new update is ready for Negometrix 4. The update took place on March 19th, 2020.

The theme of this update is about notifications about new published solicitations. Suppliers can now link NIGP codes to their organizational profile to keep them informed of new published solicitations on Negometrix Today.

Overview of new changes:

  • Never miss a solicitation of interest: Set NIGP codes according to your business, and receive notifications about new solicitations pertinent to your company.
  • Completing an offer is now easier: The workflow for completing a questionnaire has been improved. If there are multiple questionnaires, you can easily navigate from one to the other.
  • Improved messages and invitations: Templates are now available for inviting suppliers for a solicitation. Sending messages has also been improved.

CPV codes: never miss a relevant solicitation again

A published solicitation will always appear on Negometrix Today.

However, by setting up NIGP codes in your organizational profile, you stay informed about the new solicitations that are relevant to your company.

Additionally you can select which colleagues will receive these notifications

Choose your CPV codes

In your organization profile, select the desired codes.


In addition, set who receives the notifications. You will receive the notification through the software and by email

Select which states you want to receive notifications from:

You can now select which states you will receive these notifications from, eliminating notifications of solicitations that are not relevant to your company

Filling in an offer is improved

If a solicitation contains multiple questionnaires, it is now easier to navigate from one questionnaire to another. At the end of the questionnaire, you can now easily click through to the next one.

Improved workflow

Are you at the end of the first questionnaire? Then go straight to the next one.

Improved messages and invitations

Both messages and invitations have been improved with this update.

There are improvements for both suppliers and buyers.

Improvements for suppliers

Suppliers now have a general inbox per solicitation. This way all colleagues see the relevant messages.

Improvement for buyers

Buyers can now set up templates for invitations. The use of placeholders for the messages enables the platform to automatically take data from the solicitation . For example, the name of the buying organization, name of solicitation, or deadlines for different rounds can be