The theme of this release is the introduction of Q&A and the procedure for a Dynamic Purchasing System.

Question & Answer

Q&A is an essential feature with which suppliers can ask questions to the buyer.

Q&A Overview

Suppliers can ask questions linked to the questionnaire or product list via the Question Mark (?) icon.

A question is ready as a draft and can then be submitted. 

Buyers see the submitted questions coming in to the Question & Answer tab.

Buyers can answer and publish draft questions. 

Suppliers immediately receive notifications about published answers. Both in the software and by email. 

Buyers immediately receive notifications about questions asked. Both in the software and by email.

Procedure for Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS)

In addition to regular solicitations, a Dynamic Purchasing System is now also possible.

DPS Overview:

  • A DPS is always open. New registrations arrive and can be assessed immediately.
  • Mini bids can be started from the DPS. Mini bids are requests for quotations based on categories and approved suppliers. 
  • Several categories are possible within the DPS, which allows for suppliers to register for one or more categories
  • A registration has different statuses from receipt to completion: New, In Review, Assessed, Rejected, or Accepted

For suppliers: Import and export options for the product list.

Suppliers can now export product lists. The export file can be edited and filled in for example in Microsoft Excel. The completed file can then be imported again into Negometrix4.