When you add a pricing sheet, a price list is automatically created with a total price.  This article will explain how to customize your pricing sheet to fit the needs of your company.

Edit pricing sheet

A.  Within the pricing sheet, click  Edit columns and settings towards the right side of the page.

B.  You can choose to add columns via the Add column button, or select columns to be deleted by clicking the checkbox, then the trash can icon. 

C.  To edit columns, click the Quick edit button. Below you will find a detailed explanation of different elements you can change:

  1. # (number): This is the number of the column which determines the order it appears in the pricing sheet.
  2. Column name: Enter the name of the column here.
  3. Type: A type is chosen to determine which input method a supplier should use in the entire column. The possible types are as followed:
    1. Text: This option allows you to enter a line of text.
    2. Number: A number can be entered here.
    3. Price: A number can be entered here that will be treated as an amount by the system.
    4. Percentage: a number can be entered here that will be treated as a percentage by the system.
    5. Formula: here you can enter a formula.
  4. Default value: You can use this in combination with the option to editable by buyer in EvaluateThe default value that you set here is applied for the entire column and can be changed in the evaluation phase.
  5. Formula: If you choose the Formula type, you can set a formula in the column. You always use the numbers of columns, for example C1. This works similar to Excel, for example you can have two columns multiplied here, C2 * C3. 
  6. Calculate Best Buy: With this check mark, the buyer indicates that the software must compare the suppliers with the prices given in that column. If you choose an award formula, the software will compare the prices entered here with the "quality" portion from the questionnaires
  7. Editable by supplier : Here you can check whether the column may be filled in by the supplier, such as the price column.
  8. Visible to supplier: You can choose whether or not to make a column visible to a supplier.
  9. Mandatory : You can make a column mandatory for suppliers.
  10. Show total : This option will display the total of that column.
  11. Editable by buyer in Evaluate: If you use this option, it is possible to be able to change all fields under that column in the Evaluation phase. This option cannot be used in combination with Editable by supplier or Calculate best buy. Important: this column is not visible to providers!


The Calculate Best Buy check mark must always be entered by the purchaser and can be checked in ONLY 1 column.

Other settings 

In addition to the options described, there are a number of other options under the change settings tab.

  • Price adjustments (per offer): With this option you can apply a cost correction afterwards to the submitted prices.  Read here how to adjust the cost correction. 
  • Available during: Here you can indicate in which phase the price list must be answered by suppliers
  • Linked questionnaires: Here you can link a questionnaire to the price list.

Add rows

  1. In the Pricing Sheets tab, click Add Row
  2. Enter the information.
  3. Click Save.

If you use a calculation, you can test it by entering a sample price via Quick edit .