Linked contracts allow you organize contracts that are related to one another. Linked contracts can be framework/subcontracts or previous contracts.

Framework contracts

Several subcontracts may fall under a framework agreement. To link these subcontracts to a framework agreement, you must indicate at the bottom of the contract under which framework agreement this contract falls within Part of framework agreement.  Under the framework agreement contract you can see which subcontracts are linked via the Subcontracts tab. From this overview, new contracts can also be created under this framework agreement by clicking on Add contract. You can directly access a subcontract from here. 

You can see the linked contracts in the Negometrix3 dashboard. The framework agreement gets the icon with four boxes  and the subcontracts the icon with one box If you move your mouse over the icon of the subcontracts you will see which contract is the framework agreement. If you go over the icon of the framework agreement you will get a link view all subcontracts

Previous contracts 

You can select a previous contract by clicking Edit at the bottom of the General Information tab of a contract. If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you can link a previous contract by clicking the Select contract button next to Previous contract.