Once you have created a contract, you then create fields, which store the contract information.

Contract fields

The information that you need to fill out depends on the template set up by your organization. Within the contract, there are several different possibilities for field types. Below is a table with explanation of these types of fields:

Type of field
CalculationYou can use the field calculation to make calculations using other fields. This allows you to use addition, subtraction, division or multiplication.
CategoriesThe field category is a standard system field in a contract. With this field you can see within a contract under which category the contract falls. This is one of the categories that you can find in the overview of all current contracts.
Date fieldClick on the calendar icon or type in the date to set it. After setting the date you will have the option to set an alert or reminder, which you use to receive a notification.
Add documentsClick on upload from my PC at the bottom of the page to link a document to the contract. Click on choose from my documents to link a document from the Negometrix3 document center to the contract.
DropdownClick on the drop-down menu and select the an option.
Dynamic currencyWith this type of field you have the option to enter a price. You can also specify the currency when entering the price in the contract. The currency can be set to USD by default, but while filling out the field in the contract you can change this to Euro for example. The difference with the Currency field is that with the Currency field you do not have the option to adjust the currency in the contract field.
Multiple ChoiceSelect the correct option by clicking on the bullet.
SaveYou can save the values you have entered at the bottom and top of the page. By clicking on cancel you can cancel the changes.
SummaryCheck the options. Multiple options are possible.
Organization field and User fieldClick on the blue select buttonA search pop-up appears. Type in the name of the organization and click on searchSelect the desired organization and click on okIn addition to selecting the organization, you can also select a user in a separate user field from that particular organization or from your own organization.
Framework agreementIs the contract part of a framework agreement? Then click on Select contract in the field part of a framework agreementSearch for the corresponding contract, select it and click on select.
Rich text boxType the text and, if desired, use different options to format the text. (maximum 4000 characters)
Text boxClick on the text bar and type the desired text.
Link to solicitationWith this field you can relate the contract to a solicitation. In this way, the solicitation will be accessible from the related contract.
URLA URL can be added in this field, so you can go to a website from the contract. Please note, the link will only be clickable after you have saved the contract.
Previous contractTo link old contracts to a new contract, click on Select contract at  the bottom of the Previous contract field. Search for the corresponding contract, select it and click on select.
CurrencyEnter the value of the contract in numbers. When you save, a dollar sign appears in front of this number.
Required fieldsSome fields are required. If you try to save without entering it, you will receive an error message at the top of the page. The information will not be saved without completing the required fields.