You can assign tasks and reminders to specific colleagues for each contract.

Create tasks 

  1. Navigate to the Tasks tab in a contract.
  2. Click the Create task button.
  3. Enter the title of the task and the task itself.
  4. You can assign this task to one or more colleagues using the drop-down menu. Click Add.  It is important to note that these people must first be added to the contract as participants. 
  5. Set a deadline or a specific date.

Task status

When a task has been created you can keep track of the status per person. The status can be changed to open, completed and expired. Once the task has been completed you can move it to the archived tasks. In addition to viewing the tasks per contract, you can also view only your own tasks. You can do this in the My profile tab in your right-hand menu. In addition, the main administrator of the organization can also view the tasks for all contracts of all users via the Company tab in the right-hand menu, then the Tasks tab within the company overview.