The report manager tool allows you to create custom reports, using any information that is stored in a contract.

Creating reports

On the bottom right side of your contract overview, you will find the Report manager button. This allows you to define and download reports if you have a contract manager license. You can also share these reports with colleagues in your organization. Sharing reports is only possible with colleagues who also have a license. 

To create a report, click on the Add new button. You must enter a name for the report here. You will then see the available columns to add to your report. These are all fields that are included in the contract template(s). You can indicate from which fields of the contracts you want to export information by selecting these columns and clicking the right arrow. The selected field(s) should now be visible in Selected columns

Filter & Sort

If the columns are selected, you have the option to sort or filter the fields in Negometrix3. To apply a filter, click on the Add new button in the lower right corner. You will see a line where you can set the filters. Below is explained per line what exactly it means:

  • And / Or rule: If you apply multiple filters, you can choose whether it is an and / or rule. For example, you can apply a filter that must work with another filter. Here you set an AND rule, but you can also apply a third OR rule.
  • Field (reference name): Here you indicate which column it is where the filter should be set.

It is also possible to sort in advance via the Sorting tab. Here you select the column in question. Then indicate with the arrows that are outlined in red in the figure below, whether you want the column to be displayed in ascending or descending order. With the arrows above that you can indicate in which order you want the columns to be in Excel.

Once the reports are created, they will appear in the overview of your report manager. For reports that you have defined yourself, you can indicate that you want to keep it private or share it with co-licensed colleagues. 


People who do not have a license and are only allowed to look in the contract module do not see the Report manager button.