In this article you can read how you can answer questions that have been assigned to you. The following steps are explained:

  1. Look up assigned questions
  2. Create an answer
  3. Recognize individual questions
  4. Draft Response not shared

1. Look up assigned questions

  1. To view the content of the questions assigned to you, log into Negometrix
  2. Click Solicitations in the menu on the right
  3. Click on the name of the solicitation in which you want to work. You will find several tabs at the top that represent the entire purchasing process. 
  4. Click on Question & AnswerHere you can see an overview of all the questions assigned to you.
  5. You will see your name in the Assigned to columnIf a colleague's name is also visible, he or she can prepare an answer just like you. You do not have to take this colleague into account and do not depend on whether or not he or she has taken action.

2. Create an answer

Once the assigned questions have been found, the following steps can be followed to answer the questions:

  1. Click on a question title to read the content of the question. 

  2. Click Create draft answer.

  3. You can prepare your draft answer in the pop-up. 

  4. You can then choose from the following options: 

    • Click on Share with colleagues when you have completed the draft answer. The answer is then visible to colleagues and can be used to publish.
    • Click Do not share with colleagues if you want to save your answer as a draft and still have to edit it. The answer is then not visible to colleagues. Your name is then displayed with an orange color in the question. The color is also visible to the Lead buyer and other colleagues who have been assigned the same question.

3. Identify individual questions

Suppliers could be able to ask questions individually. Individual questions can be recognized by the purple icon.

  1. Click on the question title. Here you can see why the supplier is asking a question individually.
  2. Do you not find the supplier's reason justified as an individual question? Then by answering the question you can ask the supplier to ask the question again and not to consider it as individual. 
  3. For this, the above steps, which are described in "Formulate an answer," can be followed.

4. Draft answer not shared

If you have not shared your draft answer, you can work on it again later and share the answer. 

  1. Click on a question title to read the content of the question. 

  2. You can adjust your draft answer by clicking on Edit draft answerThe pop-up in which you previously placed your draft answer opens again and you can adjust your answer. 
  3. Click on 'Share with colleagues' to share the answer with the Lead buyer. If you share the answer, your name will turn green. 


If the question has been published by the Lead buyer, the question is given a number and the status Answered & publishedIt is no longer possible to adjust your answer. Should it still be necessary to rectify the published answer, the Lead buyer must do so.