A price adjustment can be applied to submitted prices. It is possible to add a price adjustment rule to the pricing sheet during each phase that the solicitation is in. 

Set up

A price adjustment can only be arranged after a pricing sheet has been added. For more information on adding a pricing sheet, click  here

  1. Click on the Pricing sheets tab within a solicitation.
  2. Click Edit columns and settings. 
  3. Navigate to Price Adjustments (per offer) and press Add row.
    • Enter a name for the price adjustment in the pop-up.
    • Check the checkbox to make the price adjustment visible for the suppliers (s). 
    • Click Save.

Enter price adjustment

After the price adjustment has been set up, this can be entered per supplier.

  1. Click on the Evaluate tab and then on Evaluate pricing sheet. 
  2. Click on the pricing sheet.
  3. Select a supplier.
  4. Click Quick edit.
  5. Enter the correction and click Save