If you want to request a prices from the suppliers, you can do this under the Pricing sheets tabIn Negometrix3 a distinction is made between two types of price lists: A detailed request that is created in Negometrix3 or a price list where the buyer requests a total price that must be supported by an attached Excel document. 

Add pricing sheet

  1. Go to the Pricing sheets tab and click Add
  2. Enter the name of the pricing sheet in the pop-up and click Add.
    • You can also choose to import the pricing sheet from another solicitation or an Excel file.

You have now added a pricing sheet to the solicitation. It is a simple price list with a total price.  Click here to learn how to add more columns.

Edit explanation and pricing document

Edit explanation and pricing document: With this option it is possible to add an explanation to the pricing sheet, which is visible to suppliers. In addition, it is possible to indicate whether suppliers are allowed to upload an attachment and whether or not this upload is mandatory.