If you are a buyer in the solicitation and want to make offers visible in the Evaluate tab, then follow these steps.

Make offers visible in evaluate

There are three reasons why you might not see offers in the evaluate tab:

Option 1: No offers have been forwarded to Evaluation

  1. Go to the Compare & Select tab and select the offers that the evaluators should evaluate.  
  2. Select the suppliers and click on Allow to Evaluation phase.

Option 2: The evaluators are not assigned to questions.

  1. Go to  the Questionnaires tab and click Manage Evaluators at the top right of the questionnairesRead here how to add, replace or remove evaluators. 


Colleagues are only shown in Manage evaluators if they have been added to the solicitation and have the right to view 'Evaluate' and are available as an evaluator.

Option 3: The solicitation is not in the Evaluation phase

  1. Check which phase the solicitation is in. You can see this in the yellow bar at the top of the screen. If there is no evaluation phase here, you can adjust this in the following way:    
    • Option 1: with a sealed procedure, change the bold data in the Schedule tab.
    • Option 2: with an unsealed procedure, change the phase in the Options tab and then Procedure.