Inviting suppliers consists of two steps in Negometrix3: 

  1. Drawing up the list of suppliers that you want to invite for the solicitation. 
  2. Sending the invitation.

Prepare invitations

Navigate to the Participants tab, and click Invite suppliers.

  1. Invite supplier from Contact groups:
    •  These are the providers that have been added to Contact Groups in the right-hand menu.
  2. Invite supplier from Negometrix3 database. 
    • The database contains all companies that are registered on the platform. You choose which colleague within a company you would like to invite. Only the public profiles within a company are shown. 
      The recipient of the invitation can accept it or send it to a colleague with a Negometrix3 profile in the same company. Profiles that do not fall under the same company cannot use the invitation.
  3. Invite supplier via e-mail. 
    • Inviting suppliers via e-mail can be done through direct input or through an Excel import. This invitation can be accepted by any profile. 
      If two people within the same organization are invited via an e-mail address, then it can only be used by one person.
  4. Invite supplier from qualification. 
    • If the solicitation is linked to an ongoing solicitation (like a marketplace), all approved suppliers can be selected from a qualification.

The solicitation is only visible to suppliers if you have completed the steps below or if you have published the solicitation via the Publication tab within Settings.

Send invitation

After this step, suppliers have been selected, but they have not yet received an invitation. Invitations can be sent in the preparation phase , in the selection phase (in the case of a qualification system , continuous selection phase and locked selection and offer phase ) and in the offer phase (in the case of a locked selection phase , no locking and price request ).

Follow these steps to send the invitations:

  1. Select the suppliers.
  2. Click on Preview & send invitation at the bottom of the screen.
  3. A template message is immediately displayed or you can select a template. 
    • Use the arrows to navigate to other invitations.
    • The message can still be adjusted for each supplier before it is sent.
  4. Click Send to send the invitation.


A sent invitation is valid for 20 days. The expiration date of the invitation is shown in your overview. If the invitation has expired, you can repeat the above steps to resend the invitation. If the invitation has not yet been accepted, it can still be removed by the buyer.

Invitations can be sent while the solicitation is still in preparation. The supplier can accept the invitation but cannot open solicitation yet. In that case, only the title, the short description and the start date of the solicitation are visible.