The company administrator can create an account for colleagues and assign them certain rights. One of these rights is creating and managing colleague profilesOnce this right has been granted, this newly added colleague is also able to create accounts and grant rights. 

Step 1: Log in

First, log in to your Negometrix account. If you have not yet created account use the following link to register your company:

Step 2: Company

Once logged in, navigate to the right hand menu where you will find the "Company" tab towards the bottom of the list as seen in the screenshot below.

Step 3: Add Colleague

All of your previously added colleagues can be found on this page. At the bottom right side of the page there will be a blue button that says  "Add new". 

After clicking this page you a pop-up form will ask you to fill in your colleagues details. Fill out the mandatory information with the email your colleague wishes to use and click the blue "Save" button. This will send a  registration email to your colleague.

The colleague will now appear in the colleagues page. A red text will alert you that their "Profile not activated" this means they still need to accept the email link.

Step 4: Check email

Your colleague should check his/her inbox for the email and click the registration hyperlink


If your colleague cannot activate the account immediately, you are still able to link his or her profile directly to solicitations or contracts. This does not require activation.

This process can be repeated as many times as needed.