Most important improvements:

  • Lead buyers are able to edit text in questionnaires and pricing sheets after the preparation phase. A log will keep track of all the changes.
  • The overview with solicitation templates has been improved. 
  • Approval & publication has been improved. There are new approval types and the publication forms have been moved to Procurement Codes. Procurement Codes has been renamed to Publication.


  • Colleagues: removing colleagues who are participating in a solicitation is now easier than before: the pop-up with the warning brings you to the solicitation.

For buyers

  • Participants: having the right to add colleagues now also includes setting up their permissions
  • Rights: a Co-buyer is now also allowed to manage evaluators
  • Participants: other buying organizations can now be deleted at all times
  • Report manager: Company registration number (like KVK) and the address of an awarded supplier are now available.
  • Solicitation Templates. The overview has been improved:
    • It is more visible when another colleague is working on the template. It is temporarily locked for other colleagues (except the company admin).
    • All other settings are combined into a new dropdown menu next to each template.
  • Questionnaires and pricing sheets: Lead buyers are now able to edit text in questionnaires and pricing sheets after the preparation phase.
    • Before, this was only possible during preparation. 
    • Edits are logged and visible for buyers and suppliers. After editing, the buyer is asked to communicate the changes using Question & Answer. 
    • Allowing buyers to do so, is a setting in Organization linked to the same setting allowing buyers to manage documents after the preparation phase.  
  • Question & Answer: if a colleague writes an answer ready for publication, the buyer receives a nice notification about it.
  • ZIP Exports: even if there are no offers submitted, the ZIP export will still be available.

For suppliers

  • Registration: workflow improved for suppliers who register for the first time through a solicitation:
    • After registration, Negometrix3 brings them straight to the solicitation.
  • Questionnaires and pricing sheets: if the buyer has made any changes to the text of the questionnaire and pricing sheet, a log will show all the changes.

Negometrix3 Support

  • Address format improvement
  • Password requirement fixed on registration
  • Logo does not redirect to EU platform anymore