To receive invitations from Mini-Bids you will need to register your company in the Vehicle Marketplace of the New York State Office of General Services. Invitations for the Mini-Bids will be sent to all colleagues who are participants in the Vehicle Marketplace. The primary contact person of the Vehicle Marketplace (often the person that registers the company), or the administrator(s) of the company account are then able to add colleagues in the solicitation.

To add colleagues first scroll down in order to click on the button ‘Add colleague / colleague overview.’ You will be able to see this button in each tab (in Tab 1 ‘Information,’ Tab 2 ‘Fill out & Submit,’ or Tab 3 ‘Submitted’).

When you click this button a pop-up will appear. In this pop-up you are able to add a colleague. If you are also the administrator of the company account you will be able to create a new account for your colleague if it is not existing yet.

After you have selected the colleague you click ‘Add’ and it will appear in the overview of colleagues who participate in this solicitation.

Only the primary contact in the solicitation is able to submit and unsubmit the offer, while the other participants are able to change the offer as well as to receive invitations from the Mini-Bids.