Once you have accepted the invitation to the solicitation you would like to bid on, or have clicked on a solicitation through the published solicitations tab, follow these steps to submit your offer through the Negometrix3 Platform. 

Step 1: Start your offer

Once you are in the solicitation, you will notice three numbered tabs (as seen in the screenshot below). You will be defaulted to the "Information" tab, which contains information regarding the solicitation. The next two tabs will be greyed out until you press the blue start button on the bottom right side of the screen. To begin your offer, click the start button. Please note that you are not obligated to submit an offer by pressing the start button. 

Step 2: Fill out your offer

Once in the second tab labeled "Fill out and submit", you will see the requirements of the solicitation broken down into two sections; "Pricing sheets" and "Questionnaires". Please note that not every solicitation will look exactly like the one provided in the screenshots, and that not every solicitation will include a pricing sheet or a questionnaire. 

The pricing sheet and questionnaires are both colored orange, meaning your offer is incomplete. As you fill out sections of the offer, you will see the orange sections turn green upon completion. Additionally, the "status" column lists how many items are unfilled, in order to help you keep track of your offer. To begin your response, click on the pricing sheet or questionnaire links.

Pricing sheet:

If the solicitation you are bidding on contains a pricing sheet, you will need to insert your prices using the "fill out prices" button (highlighted in the screenshot below). In addition, if you have any questions regarding the pricing sheet, you can click the "pose a question to the buyer" button, also highlighted in the screenshot below. 

Once you have filled out your prices, click the save button, and proceed to the questionnaire where you will need to respond to the solicitation's criteria. 


The questionnaire can be broken down into numerous question groups, and within each question group you will see questions to be responded to. If a question is labeled "KO", this means it is a mandatory requirement for the solicitation response, and your response may be considered non responsive if not answered, or not answered to the liking of the purchasing organization. Each question group will be colored orange to start, and as you complete the sections they will turn green (see screenshots below). 

Step 3: Submit your offer 

Once you have completed the pricing sheet and all question groups within the questionnaire, you should see a screen reflecting green bars ready for submittal (screenshot below). If you have some orange bars remaining this is ok, as you may have chosen to not answer a certain question that is not required. Review to make sure you haven't accidentally left any questions unanswered. 

To submit the offer, press the blue submit button on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Once submitted, you will have the ability to unsubmit until the expiration of the offer phase. Please note that if you elect to unsubmit your offer, you must submit the offer again before the expiration of the offer phase in order to be considered.