The theme of this update is:

  • A new location for messages.
  • The improvement of the Excel-file import of questionnaires.
  • The ability for users to create templates from solicitations no longer being limited to lead buyers only.

All users


Users send and receive messages now from a new tab, available in all solicitations and contracts. As a result, every message is automatically linked to the correct file.

The general message center 'Messages' in the right-hand menu will no longer be available.

All current correspondence is automatically transferred to the new tab in the linked solicitation or contract.


Evaluate: the standard view on the Evaluate tab has been changed to 'per question'. For solicitations based on ongoing procedures this has been changed to 'per offer'. 

Evaluate: the export for all evaluations has been renewed and improved. A new export is available in case evaluations required by one is chosen as a setting for evaluating.

Rights: if a participant has the right 'manage solicitation' properties (in a solicitation) and 'create solicitation templates' rights (in Company), he/she can create a template out of any solicitation he/she is participating in.

Rights: if a participant does not have the right 'show names of suppliers', he/she will also not see the names of suppliers in Question & Answer.

Rights: if a participant has the right to Manage Compare & Select, Award Communication, and Summary, he/she can add Public Comments.

Report manager: the filter for categories has been improved with a clear distinction between main and sub categories.

Randomizer: a new option to notify selected suppliers.

Questionnaires: importing questionnaires from Excel files has been improved with new settings: headers, KO settings, weights, allowing document uploads, 4 question types.

Small items:

Messages: while drafting new messages, in recipients the supplier's company name is leading instead of the contact person.

Evaluate: it is now possible to edit the summarizing comments during the price evaluation phase.

Exports: the PDF export of solicitation properties has been added to the ZIP file.

Contract managers

Framework agreements: double contract numbers are not possible anymore.

Rights: contract managers now need the explicit right to delete contracts.

Rights: if a participant in a solicitation has the right manage Compare & Select, Award Communication, and Summary, he/she can create a draft contract as well.


Exports: the export of all solicitations now also includes the role of the user (contact person, participant, or no participant).

Other improvements on lay-out include:

  • Improved button consistency in Question & Answer.
  • The URL in the reminder for evaluators is now clickable.
  • The preview of messages can now be enlarged.
  • The table in Planned Solicitations is larger.
  • The description of qualifications is improved.
  • Combined bullet points with enumerations are now correctly visible in the preview as a supplier.
  • Publication forms can be filled out correctly, while waiting for the approval for publication. 
  • Alignment of several PDF exports are improved (Question and Answer, Questionnaires, Recorded statement of opening, Recorded statement of award).

US-users only

Company: option to add a State available in company addresses.

Company: Main division is removed from the name of the standard address in the Company profile.

Approval & Publication: European publication forms are removed from Approval & Publication.

Published contracts: the search functionality has been improved to search for suppliers with and with out an account.