Participating in a Solicitation 

There are two ways you can get access to a solicitation:

  1. Published Solicitations: navigate to the ‘Published Solicitations’ page on the right hand menu and find your desired solicitation. You can use the search bar at the upper right part of your screen to enter the name of the buying organization, the solicitation registration number on our platform (if known) or the title of the published solicitation. By clicking on the name of the solicitation you are guided to the information page of this specific solicitation. If this is indeed the solicitation you are looking for, then click the ‘Participate’ button below the explanation. Now the solicitation is added to the list of solicitations you participate in, which you can access under the 'Solicitations (Supplier)’ page in your right hand menu.

  2. Private Solicitations: in some cases (e.g. a private procurement procedure) the solicitation is not publicly published or the 'Participate' button is not shown. In this case the buyer will have to personally invite you as a participant in the solicitation. In order for the buyer to invite you they will need the registered name of your organization on Negometrix and the name of the contact person within your organization that you would like to be invited for this solicitation.

    When the buyer has invited you for the solicitation, you will first have to accept the invitation. The invitation link is personal, so if you try to open a link that was addressed to someone else (a colleague), an error message will pop up in your screen. Once you have accepted the invitation, the solicitation will be added to the list of solicitations you are participating in. You can access this list by clicking on 'Solicitations (Supplier)' in the right hand menu.

Submit a digital offer:

The procurement process will take place online, using the Negometrix3 Platform. Digital sourcing means that your registration, all communication, and the entire procedure will take place within this platform. This applies both for buyers and suppliers.
A digital sourcing process includes the following:

  • The vendor will answer to all listed criteria (questions in the surveys) and pricing sheet(s) online.

  • Downloading, uploading and linking all requested documents in Negometrix.

  • A clarification dialogue between buyer and vendors using the ‘Question & Answer’ module;  

  • Communication through the ‘Messages’ module.

  • Submitting your offer online before the digital vault closes (strict deadline).

Using the Negometrix3 platform:

Each solicitation contains a digital request for a product or service needed by a buying organization. Every solicitation you are participating in is listed under the ‘Solicitations (Supplier)’ page, which you can find on your right hand menu. Within this list you can click on the name of the solicitation you want to access. When opening a solicitation you are directed to the solicitation page. 

Each solicitation page displays the unique solicitation number, followed by the name of the solicitation, and the 'phase' at the upper left part of the screen. Below the name of the solicitation three different tabs (Information, Fill out & submit, Submitted) are displayed which will guide you through the process. 

*For American Suppliers: "Tender" is often used in these screenshots, it has the same meaning as the American word "Solicitation"*

To submit a complete and correct digital offer, you must follow the next three steps:

  1. Start your digital offer.

  2. Fill out survey(s) and pricing sheet(s).

  3. Submit your offer.

Step 1: Start your digital offer:

Tab 1> ‘Information’ provides general information about the solicitation. It gives you access to the schedule, questions & answers, documents, pricing sheet, solicitation options and questionnaires.

Based on this information you can decide whether you want to continue participating in this solicitation or not. If several people will be collaborating on a solicitation, you can invite them using the 'add colleagues' button. You can also begin your proposal by pressing ‘Start’, or you can remove your organization as a participant in the solicitation (see below).

If you decide, based on the displayed information, that you want to submit a digital offer, press the blue ‘Start’ button. Next you will be guided to the second tab ‘Fill out & submit’ and you will be able to fill out the questionnaires and pricing sheet(s).

Step 2: Fill out questionnaires and pricing sheet(s).

A digital offer represents your answers to the listed criteria accompanied with your pricing. 

Under the Fill out & submit tab, you are presented with pricing list(s) and/or questionnaire.

Starting your digital offer you will have to fill-out these questionnaires in order to answer to what extent your are able to fulfill the Buyer's requirements. When clicking on the name of a questionnaire, a pop-up window will open and allow you to navigate through the different questions and question groups, as well as populate your answers. As you begin to answer the questions, your progressions in shown using an orange/green progress bar at the top of your screen. 

Every question is introduced using the letter Q: 

Depending on whether the buyer has enabled the options, the platform indicates weather the question is a Knock Out (KO) question (Non-responsive), whether the question has a weight attached to it and, if it has to be evaluated, which evaluation method will be applied.

Each question is followed by the letter A: introducing the possibility for you to answer to the question.

Upload attachments to your answers:

To answer all questions it might be necessary to upload an attachment to your answer. You can link an attachment by clicking ‘Select from Documents’ or ‘Upload from my PC’. If you choose ‘Select from Documents’ you are able to select a document that is already uploaded to Negometrix under ‘My Documents’. If you want to upload a document from your own computer, choose the option ‘Upload from my PC’. Then select the appropriate document from your hard drive and click ‘Open’. The document will be linked to the question. Do not forget to save your answers using the 'Interim save' button. 

Saving answers:

To save your answers, you have to click ‘Interim save’ or the button ‘Save group and go to next’ that is displayed below the last question in the specific questions group. Once you have saved your answers you can always erase them again by clicking the trash can icon.

Fill-out the pricing sheet:

In addition to the survey(s) you also need to fill out the pricing sheet (if applicable). After opening the pricing sheet you can enter your prices by clicking on ‘Fill out prices’ on the right side of the pop-up window.

Step 3: Submitting your offer:

When all questions and prices are completely filled out, the percentage bar turns green and will show 100%. The offer is ready to be submitted by the contact person of the solicitation. Submitting means that you will lay your offer in the digital vault and you can not amend it anymore.

Once you press the button ‘Submit’, the platform asks you to confirm the submission by entering your password. This is the same password as the one you used to log in with. Then you must press 'Submit' again to finalize your submission. In the third tab  'Submitted' you can check if your offer is successfully submitted. After successfully submitting the offer the platform will also send you a notification by email.

The submitted offer will be visible for the buyer only after the expiry of the deadline of the selection or offer phase.

Note 1: the survey(s) and pricing sheet(s) can only be evaluated by the buyer if you submitted your digital offer by using the ‘Submit’ button before the expiration date of the selection or offer phase.

Note 2: In order to submit a solicitation, you must be the solicitation contact person or company administrator. If you are not the solicitation contact person, please ask the correct contact person to press the ‘Submit’ button, or ask him/her to make you the contact person. You can find out who the contact person is by clicking on the button ‘Add colleague / colleague overview’.

After submitting your digital offer the third tab ‘Submitted’ will become available. This tab shows the time and date of your formal submission. If you want to adjust/edit one or more of your answers, it is possible to ‘Unsubmit’ your offer. After changing the answer(s) you have to submit your offer again before the deadline.

Note: it is only possible to submit or to unsubmit your offer before/until the expiry date of the selection or offer phase. After the deadline it isn’t possible anymore to perform these actions.


If the solicitation includes (multiple) lots, you need to run all steps as explained in this document for each lot. Next to the main solicitation, you should complete the following steps per lot:

  1. Start your digital offer.

  2. Fill out survey(s) and pricing sheet(s).

  3. Submit your offer.

Note: adding colleagues, changing the primary supplier contact or submitting the lot, should also be done per lot.


All communication concerning the solicitation must be done through the menu item ‘My Messages’. To send a message, open ‘My Messages’ and click at the top left of the page on ‘New message’, select the solicitation it relates to and select the recipient. Fill out the subject, write your message and press ‘Send’.

Question & Answer:

The buyer can allow you to submit questions and comments concerning the solicitation. The platform offers three options in which these questions and comments can be delivered. It is the responsibility of the buyer to inform you about the form in which they want to receive your questions.

Option 1. Question & Answers module: the questions and comments should be delivered through an integrated module. You can approach this module in the following two ways:

  • Open the first tab ‘Information’ and click on ‘Question & Answer’.

    • If you are working in the second tab ‘Fill out & submit’, at each question there is an option to

      click ‘Pose a question’.

Next you can link your question to a specific question from the survey-list and send it to the buyer.
The Answers will be provided by the buyer by publishing all the asked questions (from all suppliers) including the answers. Per survey-question you are able to view the asked question(s) and the response(s) from the buyer. It’s also possible to open a list of all questions and answers by clicking on the module ‘Question & Answer’.

Option 2. My Documents: a document containing your questions should be uploaded in the relevant solicitation folder. After pressing the menu item ‘My Documents’ you are able to choose the relevant solicitation at the top of the screen. The document containing your questions should be uploaded in the folder containing the right solicitation number and name.

The buyer will upload all asked questions, from all suppliers, including the answers in this solicitation folder. The timing will be mentioned in the planning.

If your document with questions is uploaded in the wrong solicitation folder (containing a different solicitation number and name), the document will not be visible for the buyer. In that case the questions will probably not be taken into consideration.

Option 3. My Messages: you are able to send a message with or without attachments to the buyer.The buyer will share all asked questions and the answers by sending a message back to all suppliers.

Note: It is only possible to use one of the options mentioned to submit your questions and/or comments to the buyer. It’s the responsibility of the buyer to inform you about the form in which they want to receive the questions and comments.

Liability and support:

The vendor is responsible for the timely and complete submission of the solicitation. The risk of system- and internet failure is for the vendor/supplier. Neither the client/buyer nor Negometrix will be liable for any mistakes made by the supplier in the information submitted through the Negometrix software platform.