The Q&A process within solicitations is known to be lengthy, tedious, time consuming, and unreliable. With Negometrix, Q&A is easy. When a purchasing organization lists a solicitation through the Negometrix3 platform, they can choose to activate the Q&A Module. If they do, there are two ways to access the Q&A:


Getting started

Option 1:

  1. Navigate to the first tab, Information.
  2. If you scroll down, on the left-hand side, click the Question & Answer button.

Option 2:

  1. If you have already started filling our answers, then you are in the second tab, Fill out & submit.
  2. Within each question of the questionnaire (in addition to the schedule and pricing sheet), there is a button to Pose a question to the buyer. Click this button to ask a question.

Asking a question

  1. If you clicked Pose a question to the buyer, another window will appear on your screen.
  2. The question is already linked to the item you clicked on, so just fill out the title and question details.
  3. Then, click Preview & send to submit the questions.

Addenda are provided as buyers publish the answers to the questions asked by the suppliers. Under My Questions you can retrieve the answers to the questions you (or a colleague) have asked using this module. This includes answers to the individually asked questions. Under Published Questions and Answers, you will see answers to all questions posed by vendors, which is visible to all participants in the solicitation. By clicking Expand all or by using the export option at the bottom of the page, you are given an overview of all published questions and answers.

For questions about the procedure or operation of the platform, please contact the Negometrix Service Desk.

Phone:+1 (724) 888-5294