To add a date/phase in your solicitation, go to the "Schedule" tab. On the bottom right of the screen, select the 'Add date/phase' button. 

What is the difference between a date and a phase?

A phase has a start date and an end date, whereas a date is simply just a date and time in which something is happening. 

Why are certain dates/phases in bold in others aren't?

When adding a date/phase, they will not appear in bold. This is because these events occur "offline" from the system. For example, if your organization is holding a pre-proposal meeting and you add this date to the schedule, the system simply lists the date and time of the meeting, however nothing actually occurs on the system. Compared to a bolded phase like the offer phase, the system will allow for offers during this time, and will prevent the buyer from editing certain settings that were editable in the preparation-phase. 

How do I edit dates in the schedule?

To edit most dates/phases in the schedule, you must be in the preparation phase. Select the 'quick edit' button on the top right of the schedule, which will allow you to edit the dates and times of the various dates/phases