Public Solicitation:

If a purchasing organization publishes their solicitation for public access, and does not require your organization to be a prequalified vendor, you can find the solicitation by navigating to the "published solicitations" tab on the right hand menu, and searching for your desired solicitation in the search box. Once you find the solicitation, you can review the information and click the "participate" button to begin filling your response, and ultimately submit your offer digitally. 

Please note you will need to sign up as a supplier on the registration page in order to participate in the solicitation. 

Having trouble registering? 

Please view the attached Registration Guide to assist you in setting up your account.

Solicitation by Invitation:

If a purchasing organization invites you by email, you can follow the link provided in the email sent to participate in the solicitation. Please note that the solicitation must be in the "offer-phase" in order to begin your response. You must also have an account on the Negometrix3 Platform to participate. Once your account is created, you can also find all invitations in the "messages" tab of the right hand menu. 

If you have any further questions about participation in a solicitation, please contact the Negometrix Service Desk (9:00 am - 6:00 pm Mon-Fri):


Phone: (724) 888-5294