Currently, there are 9 different settings available in the "Other Options" tab of the right hand menu within the Settings tab of a solicitation. In this article we will describe what each of these options do.

Allow multiple offers - This setting allows for vendors to submit multiple offers. When clicking this option, you can specify how many offers you will allow vendors to submit. 

Anonymous buyer contact - This setting will allow for the buyer to remain anonymous throughout the solicitation. The vendors will still have the ability to communicate with you as the buyer, but will not know who they are speaking with in the organization. 

Show names of suppliers that started to fill out the survey - This setting is pretty much self explanatory; if selected, the names of the suppliers who have begun filling out the survey will appear to the buyer.

Activate Question & Answers module - This is an extremely important setting. It is defaulted as off, however in many cases it is in fact switched on. If you choose not to activate this, there will be no Q&A module for the solicitation, and suppliers will not be able to ask questions on the survey items.

Currency - This is where you choose the currency for the entire solicitation. Given that Negometrix is an international country, buying organizations across the world may select different currencies applicable to where they are located. 

Set total estimated value - Here you can insert your budgeted amount or estimated cost for the project for internal records. This information will not be shared with suppliers. In addition, this information is available in exports, helping your organization compare budget vs actual spend. 

Activate solicitation terms & conditions - By applying this setting, you can create a custom Terms & Conditions message that will show up to the suppliers when they first want to access the solicitation. If they accept the T&C they can participate, and it they decline they are denied access. 

Activate 'Specific data' tab within 'Settings' - Using this setting, you can add extra data fields for internal purposes (such as reference numbers, PO numbers, etc) in which you can select as mandatory to fill out and then export this information when archiving the solicitation. 

Evaluation settings - Here you set whether evaluation is required by one evaluator connected to the solicitation, or if it is required by ALL the evaluators connected to the solicitation.