To invite suppliers to a solicitation you must click on the solicitation and then go to the "Participants" tab. 

Once in the participants screen, you will see three new tabs labeled: "Buyers", "Invite Suppliers", and "Participating Suppliers"

To invite suppliers, you must click on the "Invite Suppliers" tab. From here you will have three invitation methods:

Invite supplier from Negometrix3 Database - This option should be used when the supplier already has an account in Negometrix. You can begin typing the supplier company name in the search bar and if they have an account you can select their company and even further, the colleague within their company you wish to invite. If the company does not have an account, the search will let you know that they do not have an account. If this is the case invite the supplier by email. 

Invite a supplier by email - We recommend using this option to invite a new supplier to a solicitation. They will get an email with the invitation where they can make an account and then participate in the solicitation. 

Invite supplier from Contact Groups - To invite suppliers from a contact group, you must first create a contact group (right hand menu "Contact groups"). After you've created your contact group, you can invite these suppliers to the solicitation with through this option