Colleagues that do not have a Lead-buyer license on Negometrix, can still work with you in various stages of the solicitation. In this article you can see which user rights can be assigned to users without a Lead-buyer license and what specific tasks they can fulfill within your solicitation. 


A colleague without a license cannot create, nor be the contact person of a solicitation. Every project therefore has to be started and led by someone with a license. You can add your colleagues through the Participants tab, by clicking on Colleagues and selecting one of your colleagues under add colleague at the lower left part of your screen. You can now assign all user rights to your colleagues, except for the ones with the blue icon beside them. 

In the Settings tab, your unlicensed colleagues can only edit the Solicitation description. This might be the name of the solicitation as well as the short descriptions for both internal as external usage. Other settings like: Procedure type, and Approval & Publication, can only be managed by a colleague with a license. 


Within the Schedule tab, colleagues with and without a license have essentially the same editing rights. The only difference is that a licensed user can create reminders for  colleagues (the Lead-buyer can set these reminders through the Manage button for each date or phase). A colleague without a license can only set reminders for him/herself.

Pricing sheets are also editable by unlicensed users. Both the quick edit and the edit columns and settings button (to add columns/ rows, manage comments or allow for the upload of documents) are available.


For Questionnaires the editing possibilities are limited. An unlicensed user cannot add questions, question groups, or questionnaires. However, you can authorize a colleague to edit or add questions within a specific question group . By clicking on Properties next to the question group you can edit the Users. Whenever you select a colleague, he/she can edit the complete question group and add new questions to this group. However, managing the awarding formula and accompanying price/quality ratio is a right that belongs to the licensed Lead-buyer.  


The tab Question and Answer can only be managed by licensed Lead-buyers during the preparation phase. 


Offer phase

Once the preparation is completed, the licensed colleague can send the invitations to the suppliers or publish the solicitation. The non-licensed colleague may still manage the Schedule or follow the progress of suppliers in filling-out the offer (provided this option is enabled under Other Options within the Solicitation Settings.


Non-licensed users can work with the Question & Answer module; however, publishing a question/answer remains a right for those with a license. An unlicensed user can  only create a new question or formulate a draft response to a question (provided that the user is assigned to that question).


Evaluation phase

During the evaluation phase, a non-licensed user can be assigned an evaluator’s role and given permission to view and compare offers. In order to allow a supplier to the next phase (awarding), you would need a license.