Step by Step

To make evaluating in Negometrix easier, you can use this guide which will take you through the process. During the evaluation phase the platform will show you what is expected from you as an evaluator. The information Negometrix gives is based on the requirements and privileges assigned to your personal account.


Step 1: Log in

Log in with your username and password.


Step 2: Choose the right solicitation

As soon as you are logged in, you see your display of solicitations that you are linked to. You can then click on the name of the solicitation you would like to start evaluating.


Step 3: Tab ‘Evaluation’

The moment that you have opened the solicitation, a few tabs appear in the top of the screen. These tabs represent the steps of the procurement process. For the evaluator, only the tab “Evaluation” is important. By opening this tab you will see an overview of the questions that you need to evaluate. When you log in for the first time, the system will indicate that no evaluations have been done yet and the progress is set on 0%.


Step 4: Overview of the questions that need evaluation

By clicking on the name of the survey, an overview is shown of all the questions that need your evaluation. The questions are set in chronological order. When you click on the hyperlink “Evaluate answers” you will see the answers provided by the suppliers for this question.


Step 5: Answers suppliers

The system will show the way the answers provided by the supplier can be evaluated, in the example below the evaluation method is Yes/No.
Below the evaluation methods you can see the answers of the suppliers. You can fill in the evaluation by clicking on “Evaluation needed”.


Step 6: Fill in evaluation

Next a pop-up appears where you can fill in the evaluation. You can also fill in a comment in the text box. The Lead buyer of the solicitation will get an overview of all the filled in evaluations and any comments that have been included.


Step 7: Question overview

After the evaluations are saved three options are shown in the bottom of the screen. You can either go back to the question overview, or go to the next question, or next not evaluated question. When you pick the option “next question” the system opens the next question in order of numbering, even if the question does not require evaluation. When you pick the option “Next not evaluated question” the system opens the next question that you need to evaluate.


Step 8: Evaluation ready

When all your questions are evaluated the system will indicate this in green with a percentage of 100%.


Step 9: Overview

Next to the option “Evaluate quality” you can find the option “Overview”. This option shows the status of all the evaluations. As an example all individual evaluations are complete but the bar displays a progress of 18% and 9 questions are not evaluated. This means that there is still a colleague who needs to evaluate those 9 questions before the whole evaluation process is complete.